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3D Pedestrian Crossings

Car Park Lines & Signs has opened a separate division to specialise in these unbelievably noticeable 3D pedestrian crossings.

  • Want to stand out from your competitors?
  • Want to have a unique feature to your car park?
  • Want to change driver behaviour?

3d pedestrian crossings from CPLASTotally new to Australia, pre-prepared 3D pedestrian crossings are unique to Car Park Lines & Signs, and are designed to not only slow down traffic, but to create an eye-catching feature in your parking area.

The crossings appear 3D from the driver’s perspective only, and not from the pedestrian’s point of view. The pedestrian crossing’s bars appear to rise from the surface, creating an attention-getting feature for your car park and alerting the driver to their presence.

Our 3D crossings can be made for smaller pedestrian crossings right through to wider, 6 metre widths, and can be tailor-made to suit your circumstances and requirements.

Be among the first in Australia to have 3D pedestrian crossings.

Consultation and installation service Australia-wide.

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