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We know where to draw the line!Nights & weekends for NO EXTRA CHARGE

Anyone can paint a line on the ground. It’s not rocket surgery or brain science!

Surprised to hear a line marking specialist say that? Well the thing is, here at Car Park Lines & Signs we believe in being honest. Up front. Straight down the line.

Which means that when you choose us to take care of your line marking we will be absolutely clear about what we can do – and when we can do it. If we give you a price or a timescale, we’ll stick to it. If we say we’re coming – we’ll be there. Guaranteed.

Knowing the right paints to use for your particular surfaces, and doing the right preparation, are givens.

And we’ve got a few other things going for us, too. Like the fact that WE DON’T CHARGE EXTRA FOR NIGHT OR AFTER HOURS WORK. The thing is, car park line marking is a lot less difficult when the car park isn’t in use. And why should we (or anyone else) charge more for something that makes our job easier?

On top of all that, we’re incredibly versatile. Although we are best known for car park and warehouse line marking, we have several expert teams with specialised skills and equipment who can take care of any type of line marking. Sydney is our base, but we are willing and able to work ANYWHERE in Australia.

So if all you want is a line on the ground, pick any old line markers to paint it. But if you want to work with someone who’ll treat you with respect, stick to their quote, show up when they promise AND DO A FANTASTIC, PROFESSIONAL JOB – pick the Sydney line marking specialists: Car Park Lines & Signs.